Onefit™ MED Puts You in Control: Customized Fitting with an Advanced Scleral Lens

October 30, 2018

With such a high demand for information on our advanced scleral lens design Onefit™ MED, another date was needed for those that can’t make that September 11th date.

Thomas P. ArnoldThomas P. Arnold, OD, FSLS will be back to explain how Onefit MED allows you to design the ideal lens for medically indicated corneas, including a wide-range of ectasias (moderate to severe), and healthy corneas when a larger diameter is needed.  With Onefit MED, you are in CONTROL of the design and fit by selecting parameter options for four fitting zones: Central, Mid-peripheral, Limbal and Edge. Onefit MED is also quadrant specific and has the option to use the Controlled Peripheral Recess (CPR) technology for even greater control when a precise recess is needed to accommodate pingueculas, growths and any other type of scleral elevation that leads to discomfort or poor lens centration. With an intuitive online fitting tool, Onefit MED puts you in the driver seat, is extremely easy to fit, saves you chair time AND provides the patient with exceptional visual acuity, comfort and optimal oxygen to the cornea for long-term health!

Onefit MED Webinar Recording 10.30.18