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Turn back the hands of time with Reclaim™ HD Bi-Aspheric Multifocal lenses


Turn back the hands of time with Reclaim™ HD Bi-Aspheric Multifocal lenses and restore the youthful vision of your presbyopic patients. Refined multifocal optics, created with patented S-Form™ Technology in concert with ‘state of the art’ Ray Tracing Optical Lathing, raise the bar of performance for your presbyopic GP lens patients. By nature, each patient is unique and so is their visual need at near intermediate and distance. Reclaim™ HD offers customized optics to meet their specific expectations.

Reclaim™ HD Bi-Aspheric Multifocal lenses incorporate aberration control optics that offer high definition vision. The true aspheric optics offers a continuous edge-to-edge gradient of power providing more add correction with minimal effect on contrast sensitivity. The design provides enhanced comfort while maintaining corneal integrity in a lens design that’s easy to fit from K’s and Rx. The Reclaim™ HD gives you all the assurance you need when fitting your presbyopic patients.

Fitting Philosophy

Proprietary S-Form™ lathing provides larger posterior and anterior distance/intermediate optical zones minimizing halos, glare and flare.  The posterior surface is created with aberration control and high definition clarity using low eccentric S-Form™ optics that provide a standard +1.00D add while minimizing the occurrence of corneal molding.  The anterior surface utilizes aberration control “Ray Tracing Optics” with a standard add power of +2.00D.  The anterior add can be ordered in any power in 0.25D increments.  The 3 standard Reclaim™ HD designs are the Reclaim 2.0 featuring a +2.00D Add and 3.5 mm Anterior Optic Zone, the Reclaim 2.5 with a +2.50D Add and 3.0 mm Anterior Optic Zone and a Reclaim 3.0 with a +3.00D and a 2.5 mm Anterior Optic Zone.  The standard diameter is 9.4 mm and the lens can be ordered in any power from +20.00D to -20.00D in any material.

The Reclaim™ HD Bi-Aspheric Multifocal will provide optimal performance when fitted ideally.  The lens should be fit with a superior, central fit with upper lid attachment.  The lens should exhibit alignment along the flattest corneal meridian.

The vast majority of presbyopes (85%) can be fitted using the 3, fully warranted, standard Reclaim™ HD parameters. However, to further refine your fit a wide range of adds as well as anterior distance optic zone sizes are available. When ordering a customized Reclaim™ HD lens, you will need to specify the exact add as well as anterior distance zone size. It is strongly recommended to touch base with our expert consultants before ordering a customized Reclaim™ HD.