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RSS™ lenses feature a unique aberration control reverse geometry design


Refractive Surgery Specific or RSS™ lenses feature a unique aberration control reverse geometry design which fits the unusually flat post-surgical central cornea. *Available with Reclaim multifocal optics.

The RSS Refractive Surgery Specific corneal GP lens has a unique reverse geometry design to ensure proper fitting of the unusually flat post-surgical central cornea. The lens provides proper clearance of the central cornea without excessive vaulting, while allowing mid-peripheral alignment, and providing good centration and stable vision. Each fitting curve offers a broad range of central base curves to fit all eyes and a choice of three (3) peripheral edge configurations (standard, flat, steep) optimizing tear exchange and comfort.

The aspheric central base curve coupled with unique reverse geometry provides good centration and stable vision. The design is indicated for patients who have undergone refractive surgery procedures such as Radial Keratotomy (RK) or LASIK. It may also be used for patients who have undergone penetrating keratoplasty with the result of a central cornea that is flatter than the peripheral cornea. The RSS is easy to fit from topography or keratometry readings or can be fit using diagnostic lenses if so desired. The lens provides correction of refractive errors and irregular astigmatism and is very predictable.

The lens is available in any GP material, has a standard diameter of 10.5 mm, but is available in diameters that range from 9.5 mm to 12.0 mm. The parameters include FITTING CURVES that range between 39.00D to 46.00D in 1.00D increments, CENTRAL BASE CURVES are available 1.00D to 9.00D flatter than the FITTING CURVE in 0.50D increments and powers from +20.00D to -20.00D.

Fitting Philosophy

The RSS lens is designed with two very distinct curves; the unusually flat CENTRAL BASE CURVE and the FITTING CURVE. The CENTRAL BASE CURVE serves as a smooth secondary refractive surface and is designed to closely match the central post-surgical curvature of the cornea. The FITTING CURVE acts as support to the central base curve and with a unique reverse geometry design allows the mid-peripheral portion of the lens to align with the cornea outside the post-surgical (treated) area, ensuring optimum centration.

The ideal fit will have a central pooling of 0.02 mm to 0.03 mm and alignment in the mid-peripheral area.  The lens has a variable edge lift configuration and can be ordered in standard, steep and flat configurations to obtain an appropriate lift of 0.5 mm to 0.7mm. When the inferior quadrant is significantly steeper than the superior quadrants, causing excessive lift at 6 o’clock consider ordering a lens with ACT (Asymmetric Corneal Technology).

A special characteristic of the RSS Refractive Surgery Specific lens is that it can be ordered with mulftifocal optics.  RECLAIM MULTIFOCAL OPTICS address the needs of the presbyopic patient. Using the proven Reclaim HD optics, this unique add-on feature provides near, intermediate and distance vision correction with up to +4.00D Add in an aberration control aspheric optic. Anterior optical zone sizes can be custom tailored to patients’ needs and physiology of lens fit. Standard distance / intermediate zone sizes help to achieve successful fittings in less chair time.