Need Help With a Fitting? 

If you are a practitioner, located in the United States or Canada, we invite you to contact our expert consultants to walk you through any fittings you need help with.

Consultation is available from 8:30am to 6:00pm EST, Monday-Thursday and on Friday 8:30am-5:00pm ET

There are three ways for US practitioners to access consultation services and two ways for Canadian practitioners:


  1. Schedule a Consultation Appointment: (Available to US Practitioners Only)  (Unavailable at this time, but will return very soon!)
  2. Email: US Practitioners email  Canadian Practitioners email
  3. Phone: US Practitioners, call 800-367-4009 and press 2 for Consultation. Canadian Practitioners, call 800-567-7350 and simply ask for Consultation.

In an effort to help improve the quality and timeliness of service we can provide; we kindly ask that you refrain from requesting specific consultants. ALL our consultants are extremely knowledgeable and have thorough training and experience in fitting all our lenses.

When contacting consultation, please have the following information ready:

  1. Have your account number, as well as the patient name & any previous invoice for that patient.

You can pull up invoices via the Extranet, found on the homepage of this website. To access the Extranet for the first time, you will need to select “Forget Password?” and a password reset will be emailed to you. If you don’t know what email we have on file for your login, contact (US) or (CAN).

  1. The lens type (Onefit, Onefit MED, Onefit MED+, Onefit SC, Paragon CRT, etc) with all parameters. (Power, sag height or base curve, diameter, and landing zone configuration.) Oblate, Multifocal, Front Toric or Toric Haptic?
  2. What is the position of the lens? If you are fitting front toric lenses, provide the direction of rotation clockwise or counter-clockwise, for cylinder axis orientation.
  3. Type of cornea you are fitting (normal, keratoconus, Post-LASIK, Pellucid, etc.) along with the HVID.
  4. When fitting scleral lenses, provide best estimate of clearance values: Central (or highest point of elevation), Mid-Peripheral, and Limbal – at time of application, 30 minutes, and after 4+ hours.
  5. Edge alignment, blanching, impingement, or edge lift off?
  6. Refraction? Keratometry values? Topography? Fluorescein pattern?

Photos are very helpful!