Controlling Fogging and Lens Awareness with Onefit™ MED – BRADLEY RICHLIN, OD,

Onefit Spotlight Case Report: Controlling Fogging and Lens Awareness with Onefit™ MED

By Bradley Richlin, OD, Beverly Hills, CA


Thirty-six YO Female patient presents for a two week follow up visit with her new Onefit™ MED scleral lenses. She is wearing scleral lenses as an alternative to soft and rigid lenses, which she has not worn successfully due to her Dry Eye issues. She complains of superior and inferior foreign body awareness OS, variable vision and foggy vision that can only be resolved by removing the lens, rinsing it with saline, and re-applying the lens several times a day.


Onefit™ MED SAG 5200 / Diameter 15.6 / -3.50
Mid-Peripheral Zone and Limbal Zone – Standard
Edge (Toric Haptic): +75μm Horizontal (2:30 and 8:30) /-50μm Vertical (11:30 and 5:30)


VA 20/20

Fluid Reservoir Depth: Central Zone 195μm, Mid-Peripheral Zone 135μm, Limbal Zone 80μm

Edge: A tear channel indicated by NaFl migrating under the superior haptic to the central Fluid Reservoir* (no blanching). Horizontal meridian unremarkable. OS lens position is loose and unstable. Vision good, but variable. Posterior lens fogging. Foreign body awareness suggests excessive edge lift at the Superior/Inferior vertical meridian.




*Typical image of NaFl presence indicating tear channel at the haptic of scleral lenses. (Image is not specific to the case being presented).

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