Bilateral Amblyopia, Nanophthalmos and Estropia – Vishakha Thakrar, OD, FAAO, FSLS

Dr. Vishakha Thakrar


Onefit Spotlight Case Report: Bilateral Amblyopia, Nanophthalmos and Estropia                                                                             By Vishakha Thakrar, OD, FAAO FSLS


17 y/o Caucasian female with nanophthalmos, referred by her MD for a contact lens fitting. She had been wearing soft toric lenses for a decade. She had bilateral amblyopia, esotropia and nanophthalmos. Referred by MD for scleral lens fitting to improve vision and comfort.

Objective Findings/Subjective Comments

Current lenses:
Best corrected VA with habitual soft toric CL OU
Rx: OD 20/150, OS 20/70
Habitual spectacle V/A
Rx: OD +15.50 -0.75 x 003 20/100, OS +15.25 -1.00 x 173 20/60 CT D & N: 10 pd RET
Suppression OD
SLE: The visual acuity seemed very low considering she had vision correction since birth. Topographies revealed a reverse form-fruste keratoconus pattern.

Initial Rx lens Evaluation Dispensing visit:
OD: Onefit / 6.60 Base Curve / +18.75 / 15.2 Dia. / Flat 2 Landing Zone / 20/40 VA
OS: Onefit / 6.60 Base Curve / +18.37 / 15.2 Dia. / Standard Landing Zone / 20/60 VA
Central clearance was acceptable to shallow OU ~ 200µm, mid-peripheral
bearing present OU. Superior cornea, lenses decentered temporally. Heel blanching OU noted at Landing Zone.

Subjective Comments Initial Rx lens:
Patient stated she had never seen this well in her entire life, was wearing the lenses 12-14 hours per day and the lenses were very comfortable.

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