Blanchard’s new onefit™ mini scleral lens platform expands applications and simplifies fittings

Onefit contact lenses

Blanchard Contact Lenses, a leading scleral lens designer in North America announces design enhancements for their Onefit™ scleral lens, which vaults the cornea providing more para central and limbal clearance, and offers the crisp acuity of a GP lens with the hydrating comfort of a soft lens. The design is now being offered as a platform, allowing fitting for a wide range of applications. With a trial set composed of only 14 lenses, practitioners can fit normal prolate corneas, astigmatism, mild to moderate irregular corneas, multifocal and oblate corneas (including oblate multifocal and toric optics.) Onefit™ Platform offers a thinner lens profile, meeting Holden Mertz criteria for optimum oxygenation of the cornea and limbal stem cells for long-term corneal health and integrity. With a standard diameter of 14.9mm, the lens is ideal for patient handling and is simple to fit.

“The Onefit™ Platform eliminates the need to master many different designs and manage multiple fitting sets” said Jean Blanchard, President of Blanchard Contact Lenses. “The process is extremely simplified – allowing fitting of numerous applications with just one trial set.”

Blanchard partners with eye care professionals, through Blanchard University Beyond the Limbus fitting workshops, to train them how to fit scleral lenses such as Onefit™. Blanchard University builds confidence and skills, as well as practice management techniques for profitable scleral lens application. To find a fitting workshop near you, call 800-367-4009 or find them on Facebook at