Blanchard contact lenses partners with multilens (nordiska lins) to bring msd mini scleral design lens to scandinavia

Nordiska Lins

Blanchard Contact Lenses, a leading scleral lens designer in North America, announced today that Multilens (also known as Nordiska Lins), a laboratory located in Göteborg Sweden, has signed into an agreement with Blanchard to manufacture and distribute the msd Mini Scleral Design lens. The msd lens is known for its distinctive posterior lens surface incorporating reverse geometry with specially designed optical and posterior curves.

“Of all the scleral lenses we looked at, the msd presented the best option for both practitioners and the patients” said Jorgen Gustafsson, Product & Development Manager of Nordiska Lins and Multilens. “The lens is easy to fit, very predictable, and the 15.8mm diameter makes it extremely user friendly.”

The msd lens was first introduced throughout Sweden and Finland via a series of very successful lectures/workshops in April of 2015, and was well received as an excellent scleral lens choice that is simple to fit with minimal variables to determine. This will be followed by another tour through Norway and Denmark in October 2015.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Multilens, to bring the msd lenses to the Scandinavian market” says Jean Blanchard, President of Blanchard Contact Lenses. “The msd vaults the cornea and limbus, offers a smooth refracting surface eliminating much of the irregular and regular astigmatism cause by the corneal surface and has a thin lens profile, resulting in minimal edge/lid interaction, providing optimal comfort and oxygen transmission to the cornea. It is win-win for practitioners and patients.”