Blanchard contact lenses partners with lumilent to bring msd mini scleral design lens to mexico


Blanchard Contact Lenses, a leading scleral lens designer in North America, announced today that Laboratorios Lumilent (Lumilent), located in Mexico City, has signed into an agreement as a manufacturer and distributor of msd Mini Scleral Design lens. The msd lens is known for its distinctive posterior lens surface incorporating reverse geometry with specially designed optical and posterior curves.

“We are proud to be the first contact lens lab in Mexico to offer scleral lenses that are manufactured locally” said Manuel Morán, Director of Operations for Lumilent. “msd lens is a perfect design to rehabilitate the lives of irregular cornea patients. The fitting process is straight forward allowing for the most optimal custom fit for the patient. The phenomenal support we have received from Blanchard to implement the technology for the manufacturing of the msd lens, as well as for training, marketing and launching of product, has reassured us that we signed on with the best possible partner for this project” added Morán.

The msd lens was first introduced in Mexico City in June at a launch with over 120 eye care professionals in attendance. Since the launch, there have been series of very successful lectures/workshops, with many more to come in the fall, as Lumilent rolls out msd lens to practitioners across Mexico.

“We are thrilled that Lumilent has decided to enter the scleral lens market by manufacturing and distributing the msd lens” says Jean Blanchard, President of Blanchard Contact Lenses. “Thinner and smaller than most other scleral lenses, msd is easy to fit and eliminates the fitting problems associated with larger diameter lenses while promoting maximum oxygen transmission to the eye and facilitating the patient manipulation of the lenses” Blanchard added.