Blanchard Announces New Onefit MED Scleral Lens

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Blanchard Announces New Onefit MED Scleral Lens

Blanchard has unveiled their latest scleral lens design, Onefit MED .  With a standard diameter of just 15.6mm, Onefit MED is an intuitive and fully customizable scleral lens for the highly irregular, medically indicated cornea, including a wide range of ectasias – moderate to severe – as well as healthy corneas.  Practitioners control the design and fit by selecting the parameter options for four (4) separate fitting zones.

Onefit MED is unique and simplifies fitting for numerous applications, including Nipple and Oval Cones, Post-RK, Post-LASIK, Ocular Surface Disease, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration and more.   Practitioners are able to customize the lens themselves by setting the parameters for central, mid-peripheral, limbal and edge zones.  With an instinctive online fitting tool, customizing and calculating the final lens order is simple.  The design serves as its own platform from which multifocal, oblate and front toric geometries can be ordered.

“Our mission is to constantly advance the contact lens industry with innovative designs that provide solutions for both present and future eye care needs, and I feel confident that Onefit MED does just that” said Jean Blanchard, President of Blanchard Contact Lenses.  “We just wrapped up a series of pre-launch workshops to train our existing customer base on Onefit MED, and the response has been astounding.”

Just like the Onefit Scleral Lens Platform, Onefit MED minimizes both lens thickness and tear layer, to maximize oxygen transmission to the cornea and stem cells for long-term ocular health.

Practitioners interested in learning how to fit Onefit MED scleral lenses can register at to be informed of virtual workshop dates that are available.  Workshops will be held in small group sessions presented by peer faculty.