Benefits & Applications of Onefit Scleral Lenses

January 19, 2016

Blanchard’s Onefit™ lens provides a unique scleral lens platform that simplifies the fitting process for a wide range of applications. Corneas that have a normal prolate profile, with or without astigmatism, post-graft corneas, as well as mild to moderately irregular corneas (nipple and oval keratoconus) will benefit from this proprietary geometry. The Onefit platform is available in an oblate design with three Central Clearance Reduction options to satisfy the needs of your post-refractive surgery patients, as well as a presbyopic design available in the oblate and prolate platform.

Join us for a brief overview of the simple and easy to fit Onefit Scleral Lens Platform, to get a better understanding of the many benefits that await you and your patients.